Classes and Events

Spring 2017 Classes:

Please register in advance for classes & workshops.

“Thinking Like a Houseplant or Houseplants 101”  a great class to help you understand the tropical plants we bring into our homes.  Lighting, watering, pests and maintenance.  Sunday February 19th at 1pm.  $2

“Fruit Tree & Berry Pruning”   The perfect time of the year for pruning our edibles is coming up,   Learn how and why we prune to get the best crop.   Saturday February 25th at 10am $2

“Shade Tree & Flowering Shrub Pruning”   Learn how to train young trees to become beautiful adults and how and when to prune the flowering shrubs in our landscape.   Saturday March 4th at 10 am $2

“Beginning Vegetable Gardening”  The basics of seeding indoors and when to plant what outdoors.  This class will go over soil prep, site location and tricks of the trade.   Saturday March 11 at 2pm  $2

“Evergreens in the Winter Landscape”   This class will be held in Ric’s front yard.  Showing what needle and broadleaf evergreens can do to our winter views of our landscapes.  It’s nice to see something living and green during the winter.   CANCELLED!!!!

“Rose Pruning 101”   The basics of Rose maintenance here in SW Colorado.  Why we prune now and not in the fall.   Sunday April 2nd 11am  $2

Please reserve a spot for our classes or workshops.    970-565-8994

Please let us know of an interest of yours that we might be able to teach a class on.   Or get at least 5 people together for a private class or workshop.   Also, let us know if there is a better day or time for you to be able to attend our classes.   In todays crazy/busy world traditional days and times might not be working for the masses.

Thanks,   Ric