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Name Othername Zone Size Growthrate Water Comments
PORCELAIN BERRY Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 4 12 x 6 Medium X Very showy berries start green turn lilac purple then turquoise
TRUMPET VINE Campsis radicans 5 20 x 10 Slow then fast XX Heavy vine with age; suckers aggressively; Balboa Sunset-red; Madame Galen-salmo More ...
BITTERSWEET Celastrus scandens 3 10 x 10 Fast X Showy orange fruit on female plants; yellow fall color; adaptable
CLEMATIS HYBRIDS Clematis x M 8 x 3 Medium M Huge showy flowers in a range of color choices
ORANGE PEEL CLEMATIS C. tangutica 4 12 x 6 Fast XX More vigorous; small yellow nodding bell flowers; showy feathery seed heads
TIBETAN CLEMATIS Clematis tibetana 5 6 x 3 Medium X Lime-green to yellow 4-petaled flowers; ferny blue-green foliage
VIRGIN'S BOWER CLEMATIS Clematis virginiana 3 10 x 10 Med-fast XX Small white fragrant flowers in early summer followed by showy seed heads; nati More ...
ENGLISH IVY Hedera helix 5 15 x 8 Slow then medium M-X Evergreen needs winter shade
NEW MEXICO HOPS VINE Humulus lupulus neomexicanus 3 6 x 10 Fast XX Female plants have showy hops seed heads; suckers
HALL'S HONEYSUCKLE Lonicera japonica 'Halliana' 4 10 x 6 Fast X Traditional fragrant flowers open white fade yellow; evergreen in mild winters; More ...
MANDARIN HONEYSUCKLE Lonicera x 'Mandarin' 3 20 x 10 Fast X Flowers orange outside yellow inside; vigorous; attracts hummingbirds; prefers p More ...
BERRIES JUBILEE HONEYSUCKLE L. pericylmenum 'Monul' 5 10 x 6 Fast X Like Hall's but with masses of showy red berries in fall
HARLEQUIN HONEYSUCKLE Lonicera periclymenum 'Harlequin' 4 6 x 4 Medium M-X Variegated foliage is green white and pink; pink and yellow fragrant flowers
DROPMORE SCARLET HONEYSUCKLE L. x brownii 3 10 x 6 Medium X Red-orange tubular flowers attract hummingbirds; sun or shade
GOLDFLAME HONEYSUCKLE L. x heckrotti 'Goldflame' 5 10 x 6 Med-fast X Pink outside yellow inside fragrant flowers; sun or shade
WOODBINE Parthenocissus inserta 3 30 x 10 Fast X Leaves turn scarlet in fall; has no adhesive discs on stems so won't glue itself More ...
VIRGINIA CREEPER Parthenocissus quinquefolia 3 30 x 10 Fast X-XX Like above but can attach itself with tiny adhesive discs
BOSTON IVY Parthenocissus tricuspidata 4 30 x 10 Slow M-X Like above with discs but prefers shade here
SILVER LACE VINE Polygonum aubertii 5 10 x 10 Fast XX Masses of white lacy flowers in late summer
PINK ICE JAPANESE WISTERIA W. floribunda 'Pink Ice' 20 x 10 Slow then fast M Long clusters of fragrant soft pink flowers before leaves emerge