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Category Name Othername Zone Size Growthrate Water Comments
Fruit GRAPE - RELIANCE 5 Red seedless; high dessert quality; prune and fertilize well
Fruit GRAPE - SWENSON RED 4 Red seeded; large fruit with high sugar content
Fruit GRAPE - VALIANT 3 Blue seeded; productive good for Western states
Fruit NECTARINE - FLAVORTOP 6 Semi-dw Clingstone; excellent flavor
Fruit PEACH - ELBERTA 5 Semi-dw Freestone with tender juicy flesh
Fruit PEACH - RED HAVEN 5 Semi-dw Freestone; one of the best early peaches; heavy fruit set; disease resistant
Fruit PEACH - RELIANCE 5 Semi-dw Freestone; best for cold climates
Fruit PEAR - ASIAN COMBO 5 Semi-dw Asian pears are round and crisper than regular; several varieties on one tree
Fruit PEAR - BARTLETT 5 Semi-dw Vigorous bears young; wonderful quality
Fruit PEAR - COMBO 5 Semi-dw Several varieties on one tree
Fruit PEAR - GOLDEN SPICE 3 Semi-dw Very hardy; small fruit
Fruit PEAR - PARKER 4 Semi-dw Vigorous from Minnesota; large fruit
Fruit PEAR - URE 3 Semi-dw Developed in Canada; good eating
Fruit PLUM - ITALIAN PRUNE 5 Semi-dw Medium sized purple; excellent for fresh eating drying canning
Fruit PLUM - SUPERIOR 4 Standard Dark red heavy bearing; one of the best
Fruit PLUM - TOKA 3 Semi-dw Medium sized orange; good pollinator
Fruit RASPBERRY - BOYNE 3 Medium sized fruit; excellent; very productive
Fruit RASPBERRY - BRISTOL BLACK 4 Large fruit; excellent quality
Fruit RASPBERRY - CANBY 4 Large bright red berries; thornless
Fruit RASPBERRY - HERITAGE 4 Medium-sized red fruit has very good quality and flavor