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Category Name Othername Zone Size Growthrate Water Comments
Fruit BLUEBERRY - PATRIOT 3 6 feet Large tasty berries; needs acidic soil
Fruit CHERRY - PIE - BALI 3 Standard Dark red fruit much sweeter than most pie cherries
Fruit CHERRY - PIE - MONTMORENCY 5 Semi-dw Vigorous and productive; excellent variety for pie or preserves
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - BING 6 Semi-dw High quality black cherry
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - BLACK TARTARIAN 5 Semi-dw Vigorous heavy producer; purple-black rich fruit
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - COMBO 5 Semi-dw Several varieties on one tree
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - LAPIN 5 Semi-dw Like Bing but hardier and self-fruitful; largest fruit of any cherry
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - RAINIER 5 Semi-dw Yellow skin with pink blush
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - ROYAL ANN 5 Semi-dw Light yellow fruit; very productive; good flavor
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - STELLA 5 Semi-dw Black cherry is very juicy; good polllinator for other varieties
Fruit CHERRY - SWEET - STELLA 5 Standard Same as above
Fruit CURRENT - RED LAKE 3 3-6 feet Clusters of red berries; very productive; good for jam and jelly
Fruit GRAPE - CANADICE 5 Red seedless; excellent quality; prune hard or thin crop
Fruit GRAPE - CATAWBA 4 Purple-red seeded; excellent distinctive flavor
Fruit GRAPE - CONCORD SEEDLESS 5 Blue-black seedless; small fruit good for juice jam pies
Fruit GRAPE - DELAWARE 4 Red seeded; small sweet fruit
Fruit GRAPE - EASTERN CONCORD 5 Blue-black seeded; large fruit good for juice jam pies
Fruit GRAPE - EDELWEISS 4 Green-white seeded; excellent taste; good disease resistance
Fruit GRAPE - KAY GRAY 4 White seeded; small clusters of large fruit; very productive
Fruit GRAPE - NIAGRA 4 Green-gold seeded; sweet juicy and strong flavored; large clusters