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Category Name Othername Zone Size Growthrate Water Comments
Fruit APPLE - MCINTOSH 4 Semi-dw Heavy bearer good tart flavor fruit tends to drop when ripe
Fruit APPLE - RED DELICIOUS 5 Semi-dw Best known variety mildly sweet
Fruit APPLE - STATE FAIR 3 Semi-dw Good all purpose apple for cold areas; short storage life
Fruit APPLE - SWEET SIXTEEN 4 Semi-dw Excellent unusual flavor; fireblight resistant; sometimes slow to bear
Fruit APPLE - WEALTHY 4 Semi-dw Bears when young; good cooking apple; keeps well
Fruit APPLE - WINESAP 5 Semi-dw Best cider apple; bear young; cannot pollinate other apples
Fruit APPLE - YELLOW DELICIOUS 5 Semi-dw Good for eating and cooking
Fruit APPLE - YELLOW TRANSPARENT 3 Standard Bears heavy and when young; best for cooking; pick before maturity for best stor More ...
Fruit APRICOT - CHINESE 4 Semi-dw Good variety for cold winters and late frosts
Fruit APRICOT - MOONGOLD 4 Standard Developed in Minnesota; sweet large fruit
Fruit APRICOT - MOORPARK 5 Semi-dw Excellent flavor; good fresh or canned
Fruit APRICOT - MOORPARK 5 Standard Same as above
Fruit APRICOT - PIONEER CHINESE 4 Standard Found on a homestead in Utah where it survived years of neglect
Fruit APRICOT - SUNGOLD 4 Standard Good quality small fruit; use Moongold as pollinator
Fruit APRICOT - TILTON 4 Semi-dw
Fruit BLACKBERRY - BLACK SATIN 5 5-6 feet Large tasty black fruit; tolerates heat; thornless canes
Fruit BLUEBERRY - NORTHBLUE 4 20-30 inches Good quality berries; red fall color; needs acidic soil
Fruit BLUEBERRY - NORTH COUNTRY 4 18-24 inches Sweet flavor; harvest extends for 2-3 weeks; needs acidic soil
Fruit BLUEBERRY - NORTHLAND 4 3-4 feet Small fruit with intense flavor; needs acidic soil