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Category Name Othername Zone Size Growthrate Water Comments
Perennials TURKISH VERONICA Veronica liwanensis 4 1-2'' GC X Evergreen leaves covered with bright blue flowers in spring Plant Select
Perennials WOOLLY VERONICA Veronica pectinata 5 2'' GC XX Long blooming excellent ground cover for our area
Perennials GEORGIA BLUE VERONICA Veronica peduncularis x 5 6'' X Small mounding plants with showy blue flowers evergreen
Perennials SPIKE SPEEDWELL Veronica spicata 3 12-18'' X Tight spikes of bright flowers 'Red Fox' has hot pink flowers
Perennials SUNNY BORDER BLUE VERONICA Veronica x 4 1-2'' X Can be long blooming in good location
Perennials PERIWINKLE Vinca minor 4 3-4'' GC X Evergreen leaves excellent ground cover for shade we carry several variegated va More ...
Perennials SWEET VIOLET Viola odorata 4 4-6'' M Typical sweet scented violets can become invasive
Perennials BARREN STRAWBERRY Waldstenia ternate 4 4-8'' GC X Spreads like a strawberry no fruit
Perennials HUMMINGBIRD TRUMPET Zauschneria garrettii 'Orange Carpet' 3 4'' X Much hardier variety tubular flowers attract hummers Plant Select
Perennials PRAIRIE ZINNIA Zinnia grandiflora 5 4-6'' XXX Delicate looking but tough as nails; slowly expands to form large clump