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Category Name Othername Zone Size Growthrate Water Comments
Perennials CARNIVAL MOSSY ROCKFOIL Saxifraga x 'Carnival' 5 2-4'' M-W Temperamental but beautiful
Perennials DWARF PINCUSHION FLOWER Scabiosa columbaria 5 10-12'' M Very long blooming 'Butterfly Blue' perennial plant of the year 2000
Perennials CHERRY SKULLCAP Scutellaria suffrutescens 7 4-6'' X Long bloomer; good rock garden plant; needs protection here
Perennials LOW-GROWING SEDUMS STONECROP Sedum species & hybrids 2-4'' GC XX We carry many hardy varieties 'Bronze Carpet' has dark red leaves & pink flowers
Perennials TALL SEDUMS Sedum hybrids 4 12-24'' XXX Again many varieties 'Autumn Joy' is classic with pink flowers 'Neon' has bright More ...
Perennials HEN AND CHICKS Sempervivum species 4 2-4'' XXX Green red hairy and contorted leaved varieties
Perennials MOON CARROT Seseli gummiferum 5 10'' X Silvery ferny foliage topped by umbels of pink flowers Plant Select
Perennials GLOBEMALLOW Sphaeralcea grossularilifolia 5 1-2'' XXX Can rebloom in late summer or fall with good moisture
Perennials GLOBEMALLOW Sphaeralcea munroana 5 1-2'' XXX Native stems trail
Perennials LAMB'S EAR Stachys byzantina 4 6-8'' GC XX Soft woolly leaves form a thick carpet flower stalks up to 2'
Perennials RED TEXAS BETONY Stachys coccinea 15'' XX Long blooming native to SW easy
Perennials PRINCE'S PLUME Stanleya pinnata 4 2-4'' XXX Plumes of feathery flowers native here
Perennials PARTRIDGE FEATHER Tanacetum densum amani 5 6-8'' X Low mat of feathery silver foliage yellow button flowers
Perennials GERMANDER Teucrium chamaedrys 4 10-15'' X Woody stems dark green leaves small flowers slowly spreads
Perennials JUNIPER THYME Thymus sp. 4 4-8'' XX Gray leaves; upright non-spreading form; like a mini juniper plant
Perennials ELFIN THYME Thymus minus 5 1-2'' GC X Tiny leaves on miniature mounding plant; good between stepping stones
Perennials PINK CHINTZ THYME Thymus praecox 'Pink Chintz' 5 2'' GC X Dark green foliage heavy blooming
Perennials RED CREEPING THYME Thymus praecox 'Coccinium' 5 2'' GC XX Darker hot pink flowers on great ground cover
Perennials WOOLLY THYME Thymus pseudolanuginosus 5 2'' GC XX Fuzzy grayish leaves makes nice ground cover
Perennials VALERIAN Valerian officinalis 4 3-4'' XX Easy to grow; substantial plant with clusters of fragrant flowers