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Category Name Othername Zone Size Growthrate Water Comments
Perennials LILYTURF Liriope muscari 5 8-16'' X Tall grassy foliage with flower spikes just above the foliage
Perennials LILYTURF Liriope spicata 5 4-8'' M Grassy foliage with short spikes of pale flowers; spreads in good location
Perennials CARDINAL FLOWER Lobelia cardinallis 4 1-3'' W Showy brilliantly colored flowers; prefers moist rich soil; good water plant her More ...
Perennials LUPINE Lupinus hybrids 4 1-3'' M We carry red blue and pink varieties need moisture but good drainage
Perennials MALTESE CROSS Lychnis chalcedonica 3 2-3'' XX Attracts hummingbirds easy
Perennials ROSE CAMPION Lychnis coronaria 4 2-4'' XX Felty silver foliage topped by long wiry stems and bright flowers short-lived bu More ...
Perennials BLACKFOOT DAISY Melampodium leucanthum 5 6-12'' XXX Tough plant with daisy-like flowers great for xeriscape long blooming
Perennials WILD FOUR-O'CLOCK Mirabilis multiflora 5 1'' XXX Native grows from huge taproot flowers close in afternoon attracts sphinx moths
Perennials BEE BALM Monarda didyma 4 12-24'' M Attracts hummingbirds we carry several varieties
Perennials CATMINT Nepeta faassenii 4 8-24'' XX Aromatic gray foliage enjoyed by many cats long blooming can reseed '6 Hills Gia More ...
Perennials MISSOURI EVENING PRIMROSE Oenothera macrocarpa 4 6-10'' XX Huge flowers on sprawling stems 'Silver Blade' has silvery leaves and is Plant S More ...
Perennials PINK MEXICAN PRIMROSE Oenothera speciosus 'Siskiyou' 5 12'' X Spreads aggressively in right location long blooming
Perennials HERRENHAUSEN OREGANO Oregano laevigatum 5 15'' XX Showy and tough rosy flowers good contrast against dark leaves
Perennials HOPSFLOWER OREGANO Origanum libanoticum 4 10'' trailing X Hops like flowers look great trailing over rocks raised beds or containers
Perennials PACHYSANDRA Pachysandra terminalis 4 6-8'' GC M-X Attractive shiny leaves with small spikes of tiny flowers; likes acid soil
Perennials PEONY Paeonia lactiflora 2 18-24'' M Long-lived bushy plants with huge flowers don't like to be moved
Perennials ICELAND POPPY Papaver nudicaule 3 12-18'' M Prefers higher altitudes with cool temperatures
Perennials ORIENTAL POPPY Papaver orientale 3 2-3'' XX Huge flowers may be orange red pink or white foliage dies back in summer
Perennials CANDY LILY Pardancanda hybrids 5 12-15'' M Iris-like foliage with showy bright colored flowers
Perennials MOUNTAIN LOVER Paxistima canbyi 4 8-12'' X Native evergreen ground cover durable and adaptable Plant Select