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Name Comments Zone Size Pollination Bloom
APPLE - 4 IN 1 COMBO Get 4 varieties on one plant! 5 Standard No Varies
APPLE -GALA Excellent taste heavy bearer 5 Semi-dw Yes E / E-M
APPLE - HARALRED Juicy tart fireblight-resistant good keeper 3 Semi-dw Yes L / M
APPLE - HARALRED Same as above 3 Standard Yes L / M
APPLE - HARALSON Tart crisp fruit keeps well 3 Semi-dw Yes L / L
APPLE - HAZEN Sweet but mild taste juicy not a good keeper 3 Standard Yes E / E
APPLE - HONEYCRISP Exceptional taste and storage; good pollinator 4 Semi-dw Yes M / M
APPLE - HONEYCRISP Same as above 4 Standard Yes M / M
APPLE - HONEYGOLD Similar to Golden Delicious but hardier 4 Semi-dw Yes M-L / L
APPLE - MCINTOSH Heavy bearer good tart flavor fruit tends to drop when ripe 4 Semi-dw Yes M / M
APPLE - RED DELICIOUS Best known variety mildly sweet 5 Semi-dw Yes M / M
APPLE - STATE FAIR Good all purpose apple for cold areas; short storage life 3 Semi-dw Yes E / E
APPLE - SWEET SIXTEEN Excellent unusual flavor; fireblight resistant; sometimes slow to bear 4 Semi-dw Yes M / M
APPLE - WEALTHY Bears when young; good cooking apple; keeps well 4 Semi-dw Yes E-M/ M
APPLE - WINESAP Best cider apple; bear young; cannot pollinate other apples 5 Semi-dw Yes L / L
APPLE - YELLOW DELICIOUS Good for eating and cooking 5 Semi-dw Maybe L / L
APPLE - YELLOW TRANSPARENT Bears heavy and when young; best for cooking; pick before maturity for best storage 3 Standard Yes E / VE
APRICOT - CHINESE Good variety for cold winters and late frosts 4 Semi-dw No L / M-L
APRICOT - MOONGOLD Developed in Minnesota; sweet large fruit 4 Standard Yes E / M
APRICOT - MOORPARK Excellent flavor; good fresh or canned 5 Semi-dw No E / E