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Name Othername Comments Zone Size Growthrate Water
WHITE FIR Abies concolor Looks like blue spruce but has softer needles; dislikes heavy clay soil; good for our higher elevations 4 40 x 25 Slow to medium X
BLUE ATLAS CEDAR Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca' Very attractive different evergreen; prefers moist acidic soil but tolerant of others; weeping form very graceful 5 50 x 35 Fast at first then slow M
ARIZONA CYPRESS Cupressus arizonicus Silvery-blue foliage; hardier than once thought; dwarf and brighter blue varieties available 5 40 x 25 Fast XX
ROBUSTA JUNIPER Juniperus chinensis Very handsome irregular upright form with dark green foliage 5 12 x 5 Medium XX
ONE SEED JUNIPER Juniperus monosperma Native to area; blue-gray foliage; irregular rounded habit 4 20 x 12 Slow XXX
ROCKY MOUNTAIN JUNIPER Juniperus scopulorum Native to slightly higher elevations; foliage is dark green to blue-green and softer looking 3 30 x 10 Medium XX
SKYROCKET JUNIPER Juniperus scopulorum Narrowest columnar juniper available blue foliage 3 15 x 2 Medium XX
TOLLESON'S BLUE WEEPING JUNIPER Juniperus scopulorum Arching branches with string-like silvery-blue foliage; very striking with age 3 20 x 10 Slow to medium XX
WICHITA BLUE JUNIPER Juniperus scopulorum Pyramidal form with brilliant blue foliage 3 18 x 6 Medium XX
BLUE ARROW JUNIPER Juniperus virginiana Cold hardy alternative to Italian cypress 3 12 x 2 Slow to medium XX
NORWAY SPRUCE Picea abies 'Acrocona' Develops lots of cones even at an early age; eventually grows broader than tall 3 25 x 30 Medium X
DWARF NORWAY SPRUCE Picea abies 'Clanbrassiliana Stricta' Matures into a perfect Christmas tree with dense branches to the ground and a broadly-pramidal shape 4 25 x 15 Slow X
WEEPING NORWAY SPRUCE Picea abies 'Pendula' Size depends on training branches will weep when not trained upright; dark green 3 Medium X
DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE Picea glauca conica Very popular; good in container; best in part shade; watch for mites in dry weather 2 7 x 4 Slow M
BLACK HILLS SPRUCE Ppicea glauca densata Large conical shape with dense ornamental branches 2 20 x 8 Slow M
GOLDEN ORIENTAL SPRUCE Picea orientalis 'Skylands' Beautiful short dark green inner needles accented by yellow outer needles; tolerates poor soil but prefers winter wind protection 4 50 x 35 Slow X
COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE Picea pungens Formal pyramidal growth form; needles may be blue or green 3 60 x 20 Slow to medium X
FAT ALBERT BLUE SPRUCE Picea pungens glauca 'Fat Albert' Semi-dwarf form of Colorado Blue spruce more useful in most home landscapes 3 15 x 8 Slow to medium X
COLUMNAR BLUE SPRUCE Picea pungens glauca fastigiata Narrow form with excellent blue color; the perfect sentinel tree 3 30 x 6 Slow to medium X
HOOPS BLUE SPRUCE Picea pungens glauca 'Hoopsii' Informal habit and long bright blue needles make this a standout 3 40 x 15 Slow to medium X