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Name Othername Comments Zone Size Growthrate Water
PARRY'S CENTURY PLANT Agave parryi Stiff blue-green leaves; needs good drainage especially in winter 5 1 x 1 Slow XXX
NIPPLE CACTUS Coryphantha vivipara Small pincushion type forms large clustered mound in time; pink flowers 4 3 inches x 8 inches Slow XXX
DEVIL CHOLLA Cylindropuntia davisii Shorter cholla with impressive spines native to E. NM and N. Texas; yellow-green flowers 5 1 x 1 Slow XXX
TREE CHOLLA Cylindropuntia imbricata Grows up to 8' tall in warmer areas; flowers may be white or purple 4 4 x 4 Medium XXX
PENCIL CHOLLA Cylindropuntia kleiniae Purple flowers; showy red fruit; may not get this tall in our area 7 5 x 5 Medium XXX
GOLD-SPINED CHOLLA Cylindropuntia sp. XXX
RATTAIL CHOLLA Cylindropuntia whipplei XXX
SILVER-SPINED CHOLLA Cylindropuntia whipplei variety XXX
CLARET CUP HEDGEHOG Echinocereus triglochidiatus Bright red flowers in late spring; in age makes clumps with many heads 5 6 inches x 2 feet Slow XXX
RED YUCCA Hesperaloe parviflora Thin leaves; tall stalk topped with red long-lasting flowers most years 5 2 x 2 Medium XXX
COMMON PRICKLY PEAR Opuntia erinacea Native here; rose pink or yellow flowers 5 1 x 3 Medium XXX
BRITTLE PRICKLY PEAR Opuntia fragilis Pads are rounded like cholla but small; native here 4 4 inches x 1 feet Slow XXX
NEW MEXICO PRICKLY PEAR Opuntia phaeacantha Yellow flowers red fruit good for jelly 5 3 x 3 Medium XXX
PLAINS PRICKLY PEAR Opuntia polyacantha Pink flowers; pads run along ground rooting as they go; often few needles 5 1 x 3 Medium XXX
BANANA YUCCA Yucca baccata Thick leaves; huge spikes of creamy-white flowers followed by large seed pods 5 4 x 4 Medium XXX
SOAPTREE YUCCA Yucca elata Large yucca that branches with age; tall flower spike 5 5 x 3 Slow XXX
SOAPWEED YUCCA Yucca glauca Native with thin leaves with curling fibers on margins; spikes of white flowers 4 3 x 3 Slow XXX
ADAM'S NEEDLE YUCCA Yucca filamentosa Softer green leaves; spikes of showy white flowers; native to the SE so needs more moisture 4 3 x 4 Medium XX
COLOR GUARD YUCCA Y. filamentosa 'Color Guard' Like above but with rose and golden streaking on the leaves 4 3 x 4 Slow X
GOLDEN SWORD YUCCA Y. filamentosa 'Golden Sword' Like above but with golden centered leaves 4 3 x 4 Medium X