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Name Othername Comments Zone Size Growthrate Water
GREEN MOUNTAIN BOXWOOD Buxus x 'Green Mountain' Bright green leaves hold their color well all winter; needs winter shade here 4 3 x 3 Slow M
VARIEGATED ENGLISH BOXWOOD Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata' Rich green leaves edged in striking creamy margins; needs winter shade here 5 3 x 3 Slow M
CURL LEAF MOUNTAIN MAHOGANY Cercocarpus ledifolius Native with upright growth habit; leathery leaves curl but hold color in winter; curled seed tails in fall; full sun 4 12 x 8 Medium XXX
LITTLELEAF MOUNTAIN MAHOGANY Cercocarpus intricatus Like above but with dense stiff branches with tiny leaves 4 4 x 4 Slow XXX
CLIFFROSE Cowania mexicana Creamy-yellow fragrant flowers in spring; feathery seed tails in fall; native 4 6 x 4 Medium XXX
LENA BROOM Cytisus x 'Lena' Rust red flowers streaked with yellow; small leaves do drop but green twigs give evergreen appearance; sun or part shade 5 3 x 3 Medium XX
SPANISH GOLD BROOM Cytisus purgans 'Spanish Gold' Like above but with golden-yellow flowers; all the literature gives this listed size but mine is 6' tall 5 3 x 3 Fast XX
LILAC TIME BROOM Cytisus scoparius 'Lilac Time' Like above but with reddish-purple flowers in spring 5 4 x 4 Medium XX
CAROL MACKIE DAPHNE Daphne x burkwoodi 'Carol Mackie' Small cream and green leaves often last all winter; fragrant light pink flowers in spring; best in part shade 4 3 x 4 Medium M
BLUESTEM JOINT FIR Ephedra equisetina Blue-green stems are upright then mounding; bright red berries on female plants; from Russia and China where it is used medicinally (Ma Huang) 5 4 x 5 Medium XX
MORMON TEA Ephedra viridis Native with dull green stems; full sun ( 2 x 3 Slow XXX
MEDITERRANEAN PINK HEATH Erica x darleyensis Rosy-lavender flowers in spring; tiny foliage holds through winter; shade 6 1 x 3 Slow M-W
CANADALE GOLD EUONYMUS E. fortunei 'Canadale Gold' Large leaves bordered in gold; compact and evergreen; can winter burn in full sun 4 3 x 3 Moderate X
EMERALD GAIETY EUONYMUS E. fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety' Small leaves with white margins becoming pink tinged in winter; will climb if next to a structure; some shade 5 4 x 4 Moderate X
IVORY JADE EUONYMUS E. fortunei 'Ivory Jade' Large leaves with white margins becoming pink tinged in winter; develops wide-spreading habit; some shade 4 3 x 6 Moderate X
MOONSHADOW EUONYMUS E. fortunei 'Moonshadow' Large leaves with golden centers; some shade best 5 3 x 5 Moderate X
GOLD COAST ENGLISH HOLLY Ilex aquifolium 'Monvila' Typical holly leaves edged with golden-yellow; red berries on females need male to pollinate; shade and acid soil 6 4 x 4 Slow M-W
BERRI-MAGIC HOLLY Ilex x meserveae Typical green holly leaves; both male and female plants together in pot for berry production; shade and acid soil 5 4 x 4 Slow M-W
BLUE GIRL HOLLY Ilex x meserveae 'Blue Girl' Like above but female plant only 5 4 x 4 Slow M-W
OREGON GRAPE HOLLY Mahonia aquifolium Leathery holly-like leaves turn dark red in winter; yellow flowers; blue berries; prefers north or east location 5 5 x 4 Medium X